Zadig & voltaire

— Role : Art Direction, Interactive Conception, Design Ui-Ux

Founded in Paris in 1997 by Thierry Gillier, Zadig&Voltaire is a designer brand firmly rooted in its time, impertinently hijacking the codes of luxury to forge the unique character of its DNA. Zadig&Voltaire is the flagship of the « French Spirit of Freedom » initiated by Thierry Gillier. By drawing on the world of contemporary art to create, it brings to life a style that does not condition the mind or the body; it is ‘effortless’.

I helped the brand redesign its e-commerce interface. In keeping with the brand’s values, I opted for a timeless design born of a tension between gentleness and strength, boldness and nonchalance, and a meeting of the masculine and feminine. What seemed antagonistic becomes inseparable. The Zadig&Voltaire website perpetuates a tradition of elegance while choosing to encourage singularity against all odds.