Identité 911

— Role : Art Direction, Conception, User Experience, Design Ui-Ux, Print

Porsche’s identity is obvious when you talk about the Porsche 911. This is particularly true even in the 21st century. Immediately recognisable and originally designed for the track, it continues to stir the emotions of today, just as it did in 1963. This video shows how the new Porsche 911 was developed, with its really cool lines. A car that remains in the realms of luxury.

The 911 is our identity. Incomparable design, race-tested technologies, and emotions in series production since 1963.

Is that enough to create the future? Is it enough for you, the driver? Or is it sometimes better to let go of tradition before becoming a prisoner of it? The new 911 unhesitatingly answers ‘yes’ to the latter question: it has been 90% modified. Virtually every part has been reworked. It’s our way of living up to our traditions, our passion for sports cars and the 911 myth.

Mission: To provide artistic direction and interface design support for the launch of the new generation 911 Carrera Porsche France.